Four Foundations for Personal Success

In a world where success is often measured by external achievements and material possessions, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. But as we delve into the life of Moses, a figure whose impact reverberates through history, we uncover timeless principles for living a life of purpose and significance.


  1. Discover What God Made You to Be: Moses faced an identity crisis early in life. Born a Hebrew slave but raised as Pharaoh’s grandson, he had to choose between two vastly different identities. Yet, Moses refused to live a lie. He embraced his true identity, recognizing that he was made for a purpose by God Himself. In a world that pressures us to conform, the first step to personal success is to be authentic—to discover and embrace who God made us to be.
  2. Accept Responsibility for Your Own Life: Moses didn’t blame others for his circumstances. He made deliberate choices, taking responsibility for his own life. He understood that personal success is not determined by external factors but by the choices we make. As mature individuals, we must accept responsibility for our actions, realizing that our decisions shape our future.
  3. Establish a Value System for Your Life: Moses prioritized eternal values over fleeting pleasures. He recognized that worldly fame, pleasure, and possessions pale in comparison to God’s purpose and peace. In a culture obsessed with instant gratification, Moses’ example challenges us to evaluate our priorities. What do we truly value? What are we willing to sacrifice for lasting significance?
  4. Never Take Your Eyes Off the Goal: Moses endured years of waiting and hardship, yet he remained focused on the ultimate goal—fulfilling God’s purpose. His unwavering vision propelled him forward, despite obstacles and setbacks. Likewise, to achieve personal success, we must fix our eyes on Jesus, the author, and perfecter of our faith. With vision and perseverance, we can overcome challenges and live a life that counts.


In conclusion, living a significant life is not about worldly success or accolades. It’s about aligning our lives with God’s purpose, taking responsibility for our choices, prioritizing eternal values, and persevering toward the goal. As we follow Moses’ example, may we each discover the true meaning of personal success and live lives that honor God and impact the world.

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