The Law of Honor

Let’s dive deep into a truth that’s not just powerful but transformative—the Law of Honor. It’s all about capturing the heart of God, echoing the pursuit of King David, who sought after the very heart of the Almighty. God didn’t say David had a heart like His, but that David was after His heart. What about you? What are you after? Wealth? Success? Fame? Let me tell you, when you’re after God’s heart, you’ve got everything!


F. B. Myer hit the nail on the head when he said, “God’s gifts aren’t on a shelf one above the other; they’re beneath each other. It’s not about growing taller; it’s about stooping lower.” That’s the paradox of God’s principles—they’re contrary to what man thinks. To be exalted? Humble yourself. To receive? Give. To save your life? Lose it.


Now, take a look at the Ten Commandments; you’ll find the principle of honor woven into two of them, blessing anyone who obeys. Many Rabbis even considered it the master key to blessings. That’s why it’s not just once but twice in the Commandments—blessing.


Proverbs 11:31 tells us, “The righteous receive their reward on earth.” Did you catch that? Blessings aren’t just heavenly; they’re right here, right now.


And let’s not forget 1 Samuel 2:30—”For those who honor Me, I will honor, but those who despise Me will be treated with contempt.” That’s a promise, my friends.


Jesus himself emphasized the importance of honor, declaring the greatest commandment to be about loving the Lord God with all your heart. Love? It’s all about honor.


Now, let’s talk about King Solomon. When God asked him what he desired, Solomon didn’t ask for riches or honor, but for wisdom and knowledge to serve God’s people. And you know what? Because he honored God, God honored him like no other king before or after him.


Honor, my friends, it’s not just a nice gesture; it’s a game-changer. It brings prosperity, favor, blessings—all tied to the Law of Honor.


Remember Ephesians 6:1-3? Children, obey your parents, and honor them—because it’s not just about living long; it’s about living well.


Now, let’s talk about Jesus. When He returned to His hometown, instead of awe and reverence, there was familiarity and disbelief. And you know what? Lack of honor led to lack of miracles. Can you imagine that? The absence of honor can restrain the power of God Himself.


In Mark 6, Jesus sends out the twelve, instructing them on the importance of honor. It’s simple: if they won’t honor you, shake the dust off your feet and move on. Honor, you see, it’s about value, appreciation, and respect.


But here’s the kicker—you can’t bestow honor upon yourself. It’s about honoring God and those He sends, even when they’re not what you expect.


Now, let’s address some patterns of dishonor—carnality, treating sacred things as common, and clinging to tradition. When we dishonor, we lose. It’s that simple.


But imagine, just imagine, if we became Houses of Honor—honoring God, each other, and those in authority. The favor of God would be unstoppable.


So, let’s make a commitment, right here, right now—to honor up, honor down, and honor all around. Because when we honor, we unlock uncommon blessings in every aspect of our lives.

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