How to Grow Resilience: Faithfulness

Throughout life, we often encounter moments of triumph, challenge, and unforeseen circumstances that test our character and resilience. The message of faithfulness reminds us of the importance of trust and perseverance in our daily lives. As we explore this message of faithfulness, discover the power of trust, resilience, and personal commitment in shaping our spiritual growth.



In the Parable of Talents, the Master gives 5 talents to one, 2 talents to another, and 1 talent to another. Then he goes away. 


After a while, the Master comes back. The guy with 5 grew it to 10, the guy with 2 grew it to 4, and the guy with 1 only had one! 


The Master commended the two who had increased what they had been given, and he condemned the guy who buried one talent because he was afraid to lose what he had. 


So, he lost the potential of what he could have created. So, the Master tells the two who increased what they had been given – “Well done, good and faithful servants. You have been faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share in your Master’s joy.” 


The word “faithful” comes from the word TRUST. So, he’s saying, “You are TRUSTWORTHY with the little things, so I can entrust you with more.”


The reason we lack internal resilience is, we think God is always gonna bail us out of our problems! Bail us out of our circumstances. 


Sometimes God doesn’t want to give you a way out! Because it will make you soft. It will make you weak. It will make you always dependent on the miraculous rather than developing the internal character of resilience that gives you the strength to power through! 


Faithfulness is about what you do every day. 


Most people think God only works in miraculous moments! But He actually works most in the faithful, the mundane, the boring – the stuff you do every day that no one else sees! 


Resilient people are not just grateful! They see beauty and wonder and opportunity and possibility all around. They’re never overwhelmed by how bad a moment is, because they always see a way through. But they are also people who are incredibly faithful about keeping their word. Not just to God or other people, but also to themselves. 


And when Jesus says, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” He isn’t saying, “Wow, you did something miraculous!” He is saying, “You were faithful to what you were given. And because you were faithful in the little things, I can trust you with more.” 


Some of you keep wanting God to give you more when you’ve never been faithful with the little! And the little is who you choose to be every day! 


And that’s why most people lack resilience. Because when the crisis comes…(PAUSE) Ever notice problems rarely send you a forewarning? “I’m coming.” Gosh, wouldn’t that be great? Like “I’m about to ruin your life!” 


Nope. One day your life is awesome, the next is upside down. One day he’s the love of your life. The next day, “I hate his guts!” One day I have a good job I enjoy. The next day, “My boss is driving me insane.” 


It’s amazing how one day can change everything. And you’re not ready for the crisis. Or when the doctor tells you, “You have Cancer.” You’re not ready for that moment when you’ve lost everything because the economy has flipped upside down! 


You’re not ready for that moment when you feel you’re the one who would not be fired and you’re the one let go! 


See, we’re not ready for these moments. And that’s why you have to be faithful to be ready every day! Because you don’t know what day will be that day that needs you to be the best version of yourself! 


Are you trustworthy? 


As I age, I’m thinking, “I’m going to redefine 70!” And when I’m 80, “I’m going to redefine 80!” I’m not going to be like other people in that decade. 


Many are just waiting to die! But I just want to taunt death – “You can’t have me until I’m ready!” 


Many of you need to make some commitments to yourself on who you’re going to become. 

What kind of virtues are you gonna live out? And then be faithful to make decisions every day to become that person. 


Because the one that can be trusted with small things will be the one that can be trusted with more. 


But there’s one last characteristic I want to focus on. 


No matter how many times you fall, get up! 


I heard an NFL scout say how he evaluated quarterbacks. He watched how they played after their worst game! Most people watch players on their best game. “Oh, look how much potential he has!” 


Every good athlete has the potential of having one great game and looking like they’re great. 

Every basketball player in the NBA can have a Jordan game. They can have a Jordan quarter or a Jordan moment. 


But it’s how they play after their worst game that tells you whether they have the resilience to turn it into a career of greatness! 


See? You’re not defined by your failures. You’re not defined by your losses, or what has caused you to fall, unless you stay there! 


When you get up – you’re now defined by what you overcame. Not by what overtook you!


In a world captivated by the extraordinary, faithfulness teaches us the value of consistency in the ordinary. Trust and resilience intertwine, empowering us to face life’s challenges with unwavering dedication. Summit Church embodies this message, urging us to be faithful stewards of our gifts and embrace each day as an opportunity for growth. By remaining faithful to the small things, we are able to redefine our journey, overcome setbacks, and reflect on God’s abundant grace and love.

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