How to Grow Resilience: Humility

Street Sign the Direction Way to Humility versus Arrogance

At the heart of unshakeable resilience lies a singular virtue – humility. This virtue, embodied by Jesus as He journeyed to the cross, underscores the profound connection between humanity and divinity. As we reflect on Philippians and the power of humility, we unveil its significance in Jesus’ sacrificial path and resurrection. Much like how Jesus […]

Values I Want In My Kids: Responsibility

Teaching Your Kids Responsibility

Parenting presents an intricate dance between reliance and responsibility, shaping the path we pave for our children. As parents, we aim to guide them from dependence to taking ownership of their actions. Surprisingly, even classic tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs hold insights, illustrating the contrast between waiting passively and embracing empowerment. Together, […]