Infant & Toddler Program

Summit Learning Center
Infant & Toddler

Your Child Will Explore The World Around Them

Research has shown that engaging young children in interactive experiences that involve sensory, motor, and social explorations will build brain connections. Our infant and toddler curriculum focuses on engagement and stimulation through social interactions including: talking, playing, moving, reading and singing.

Leading With Love

Fostering their cognitive and emotional development

In addition to meeting all daily needs, your child will explore the world around them through language, gross motor skills and fine motor skills, our educators shower our students with attention by snuggling them, praying over them, speaking and singing to them throughout the day. These interactions help to plant them in good soil of love and trust while fostering their cognitive and emotional development.

Summit Christian Learning Center utilizes both our Bible based curriculum and Bright Baby Curriculum for Infants, and High Reach Curriculum for Toddlers. All of our lesson plans in every age group begin with the Word of God at the core. Our interactive bible based curriculum is partnered and planned with our developmental and academic curricula. Each lesson is focused on the important daily activities that your child experiences. Learning Center educators also incorporate American Sign Language into your child’s daily routines to help development in all areas.

Summit Christian Learning Center Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs utilizes both our Bible based curriculum and A Beka curriculum. We are proud to offer curriculum A Beka Book— a comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective. We believe that each child needs a strong foundation in both academics and character; and A Beka Book supports Christian schools in giving their students the knowledge and skills they need.