Growth Track
Sundays February-November

Growth Track: Summit Life

Practical Next Steps On How To Connect With God And Others

Summit Life is a 4 week growth track designed to provide people with a step by step way to learn about life at Summit. Our hope for you is that you develop your relationship with God and connect with others in your Summit family. Each month begins with our life at Summit  class where we’ll share a meal and you’ll hear from Pastor Cindy about the history of Summit Christian Center, who we are, and what we believe as a church.

Summit Life meets Sundays:

February – July at 9 am in our Upper Café.

August – November at 12:15PM in our Upper Café

Childcare is provided.

Growth Track Classes

Let's Get Started

Class 1: Life at Summit

Join us for lunch with Pastor Cindy and hear about life at Summit, who we are and what we believe.

Class 2: Identity

Learn about your identity and what some healthy habits are to become a fully devoted follower of Christ. (Snacks provided)

Class 3: Power

Who is the Holy Spirit? What is a spirit lead life? Do I really need to give? Come get the answers to these questions and more in week 3 of Summit Life. (Snacks provided)

Class 4: Purpose

Come hear a powerful teaching from Pastor Rick called The Benefits of Being Connected. You’ll learn why we are a church of small groups and hear about opportunities to serve your Summit family. (Snacks provided)

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