Achieving Your God-Given Dream

living your god given dream through summit church

Do you have a God-given dream that feels out of reach? Maybe life’s obstacles and disappointments have caused your once vibrant vision to fade. Well, it’s time to rekindle that dream! Here are some powerful insights from the life of Abraham to help you pursue your divine destiny with renewed passion. Three Essential Attitudes for […]

Passion Killers: How to Keep Your Fire Alive

driven entrepreneur fulfilling her goals through god who keeps her passion alive

Life is meant to be an exciting, passionate adventure. But let’s be honest—sometimes we feel drained, our energy sapped, and our enthusiasm dwindling. These are signs that passion killers are at work. Today, let’s explore what these passion killers are and how we can overcome them to keep our fire burning bright. What is Passion? […]

The Law of Honor

the law of honor

Let’s dive deep into a truth that’s not just powerful but transformative—the Law of Honor. It’s all about capturing the heart of God, echoing the pursuit of King David, who sought after the very heart of the Almighty. God didn’t say David had a heart like His, but that David was after His heart. What […]

Defeating Doubt

defeating doubt

Let’s dive deep into a topic that’s close to all of our hearts: defeating doubt. You know, we all face those moments when we second-guess ourselves, wondering if we’ve made the right decisions or if we’re on the right path. But I’m here to tell you that doubt doesn’t have to have the final say […]

Unleashing Your Potential: Tapping into the Power Within

unleash your potential with Summit Church

Today, we’re diving into the real deal: personal potential. I’m talking about the raw power that’s sitting right inside each of us, waiting to explode. We’re on a journey today, folks—a journey to dig deep and find out just what we’re made of. Think about it: even a kid’s simple question can knock you sideways, […]

Four Foundations for Personal Success

Living a significant life

In a world where success is often measured by external achievements and material possessions, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. But as we delve into the life of Moses, a figure whose impact reverberates through history, we uncover timeless principles for living a life of purpose and significance.   Discover What God […]

Killing Your Giants: Lessons from David’s Journey

In the tapestry of biblical tales, David’s journey from an ordinary shepherd boy to a giant killer stands out as an inspiring narrative. In 1 Samuel 17, we witness the unfolding of ordinary steps that propelled David into extraordinary destiny. Beyond the surface of the familiar story, let’s delve into the qualities that transformed David […]

Unveiling Biblical Characteristics

In a world captivated by celebrities, there’s a desperate need for true heroes. The kind who stand alone for what’s right, make sacrifices for others, and take risks for a greater purpose. Psalm 40:4 sets the stage, reminding us to turn away from the world’s fleeting promises and focus on a higher calling. Join us […]

How to Grow Resilience: Humility

Street Sign the Direction Way to Humility versus Arrogance

At the heart of unshakeable resilience lies a singular virtue – humility. This virtue, embodied by Jesus as He journeyed to the cross, underscores the profound connection between humanity and divinity. As we reflect on Philippians and the power of humility, we unveil its significance in Jesus’ sacrificial path and resurrection. Much like how Jesus […]

Values I Want In My Kids: Responsibility

Teaching Your Kids Responsibility

Parenting presents an intricate dance between reliance and responsibility, shaping the path we pave for our children. As parents, we aim to guide them from dependence to taking ownership of their actions. Surprisingly, even classic tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs hold insights, illustrating the contrast between waiting passively and embracing empowerment. Together, […]